Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What's Up Athlete?

So I haven't been blogging lately because I've been so busy with work. I've had two major SharePoint projects that I have been swamped with, but now that I think I have them under control, I can relax a little.

What have I done in the past few months besides move to Texas and eat everything that Anna's been blogging? Well, I've dropped about 10 lbs, because I've been more active and Anna has been packing my lunch every day. No more breakfast burritos for breakfast or George Lopez specials for lunch.

I have also been playing more sports...

Been playing tennis a couple times a week with Anna mostly, a friend from work (Pingili) sometimes, and some guy (Randolf) once (He kicked my a$$).

I started playing flag football on Sundays for the past 5 weeks and I joined a flag football league in Round Rock. We had our first game last night and kicked a$$. Final score: 32 -0. I ended the game with a 50 yard touchdown catch, 2 sacks and 1 pass deflection. If we were counting fantasy points, that would be 17.5 fantasy points(6pts(td) + 2.5pts(50yds) + 6pts(2sacks) + 2pts(2tkls) + 1pt(1pd) = 17.5pts). Not bad, eh? I'd draft me in any fantasy football league.

I am also starting to play in a volleyball league at our apartment. I signed up and have 5 other people on my team. Hopefully, it will be fun, but I tend to hate playing jungle ball when people don't know how to play. Our first game is this comming Monday, so I will keep you posted. I did try to play a pick-up game this past Saturday with a few people from my team and found that they were not as bad as i thought they were going to be, but not as good as I had hoped either. They were just average. I do have to say that I stole the show with some nice digs and a few perfect sets.

I'm still waiting on someone from work to set up a softball team. I'd love to play softball too (if my schedule allows).

Oh yea, I also tried playing cricket with a friend from work (Satish). It was very interesting. You "bowl" the ball after running from a mile away trying to knock down the "wickets", but the batter that stands in the middle of the field gets to hit the ball anywhere. It's a good workout when you are bowling though. lol

That's pretty much it. I will keep you posted on my league play and pick-up games from time to time, so check back in...

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