Friday, May 2, 2008

Yummy in my Tummy...SUSHI!!!!!

Ever since we have been here in Austin, we have yet to discover a sushi restaurant that we had the guts to try. We sort of gave up on the idea of getting authentic sushi that is fresh and tasty here in Texas. Well, we found that place tonight. When I was back in LA, I craved sushi EVERYDAY. Once I moved here, that strong desire left me completely. It's finally back. Today, I started thinking about places for Ray and I to try. Being Friday and our usual night to eat out, I thought Japanese would be something different to try. So, I started looking up places on Citysearch and Yelp. I found 2 places that received many good reviews. On the top of my list was Musashino Sushi Dokoro.

After reading all the rave reviews and browsing their website, I was even more excited to try this place. From their website,

"Operating in the heart of Texas, we proudly present EDOMAE ZUSHI – Tokyo style sushi. Thousands of miles away from our homeland, you may ask, “How close is this to the real thing?” For you to taste the historical significance and essence of EDOMAE ZUSHI, we air freight our selection of seafood, not only from the USA, but from around the world from places such as Norway, New Zealand, Hawaii, and now we are getting seafood directly from Tsukiji, Japan’s biggest fluton. We set our standards higher than most Japanese establishments. By pursuing and respecting the traditional EDOMAE ZUSHI style, we may seem hardheaded at times in preserving the tradition and authenticity, but we do not cut corners. Such an act is often a euphemism for cost cutting, and mediocre quality is the result. Only the best and freshest ingredients are used when serving you, and with each bit, you are enveloped in our tradition. Enjoy!"

Another plus? The pictures on their website show Japanese sushi chefs.

So...Ray and I went and it completely exceeded our expectations. I guess this is the closest you can get to authentic and fresh next to Japan. Do not be surprised if you don't find all the typical Americanized sushi items. They pride themselves on the real deal Japanese sushi. And the fish is beyond fresh. But be warned that if you're looking for 1/2 price sushi, you won't find it here. Again, quality is what you're paying for and you can see it in the way the sushi chef prepares each piece of nigiri...with a delicate finesse and finishes it off with a brush of different sauces on each piece. It all looked like art.

Needless to say, we will be back. We give this place 2 BIG thumbs up!!

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