Monday, July 9, 2007

Anna and Raymond in the water at Trunk Bay

I just created a flickr account to host and share all my photos and saw an option to "blog this photo" so I wanted to test it out. Flickr is actually pretty cool. They host and backup all your pictures for free (limited to upload 100mb per month) and you can create all sorts of stuff thru their affiliated sites. I actually paid the 25 dollars for a year of unlimited picture uploads. I figure I will be putting more pictures up in the future and I didn't want to deal with being over the limit.

I named this blog "If Bobby can blog, so can you" because the only other person that I know with a blog is my cousin Bobby ( and his alter ego Slant Eyed Bargain Hunter ( This title will change as soon as I figure out a better name for it.

Anna and I just got back from our honeymoon in St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), so those pics are up. We should hopefully be receiving our wedding pictures and videos from our photographer and videographer soon, so come back soon to see those!

Until next time...

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