Monday, July 16, 2007

This Is Why I Hate To Fly

Normally I am okay on flights, but for some reason I wasn't able to relax on our flight to St. Thomas. Our flight started in L.A., transferred in Atlanta, then continued to St. Thomas. Total travel time was about 11 hours. On the flight from L.A. to Atlanta, I had a little Indian girl fall asleep on my arm. I didn't understand why she kept leaning to my side when she could have been leaning against the window. I had to keep waking her up cause I was getting uncomfortable with he thinking I was her daddy.

On the continuing flight to St. Thomas from Atlanta, I sat next to this guy that looked like Joey Chestnut (The new hot dog eating champ). The video above shows that this guy had fallen asleep with his mouth wide open. What it doesn't show is how he kept jolting awake and leaning on me. I really don't know how people can actually sleep on planes when they are only a few inches away from a complete stranger.

The travel home from St. Thomas was not that bad. Aside from getting stuck in Atlanta, the actual flight was not bad. We watched "Blades of Glory" on the plane and while that was going on, the person sitting next to me had let me copy music from his external hard drive. He didn't have anything new, but I was able to get some old music from him that I had been looking for. I fell asleep on the plane ride back from Atlanta to L.A. because I finally got the window seat.

I wish flying were more enjoyable. I really dread long flights. It would also help a bit if the people that worked for the airlines were a bit more customer oriented, but that's another blog post in itself.

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