Friday, July 13, 2007

My First Tomato... of my tomato vine. I'm so proud. Isn't it a beauty? I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to eat it. Anyways, I have been doing some gardening in our very small space called our backyard and decided to dabble in some veggies and herbs. The dirt in the back is less than conducive for growing anything lest it survive, so I was a bit weary. However, after the rose bushes and gardenias we planted survived and flourished, I decided to attempt something worthwhile...vegetation you can EAT. Well, I thought hard about the few items that I'm always buying at the market that always seems to go to waste because I only needed a handful and that's how I decided what I would plant. What better than a tomato vine for some homemade salsa, which by the way is ginormous now...along with basil and parsley. Alas, my strawberries did not fair so well and didn't even sprout from the seeds that I planted. But everything else came out great. Now, onto more. Any suggestions?

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Ray Ray said...

Your tomato is gay.